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Providing an evolutionary approach using revolutionary technology

Up and Running was founded in 1999 by president and CEO, Josh Bush. Bush formed the company to fill a void he saw in the market: access to highly-skilled technology, infrastructure, and project management services. Based in Montgomery, Ala., Up and Running focuses on customer-oriented enterprise solutions that utilize state-of-the-art technologies and are based on the most modern methodologies. Up and Running evaluates each client’s specific requirements and business objectives so we are able to recommend the most appropriate, state-of-the-art technologies. Our approach combines the solutions that best support your existing systems with our expert services and sustainment.

Our ApproachWith our approach, you can combine the Middleware technology that best supports your existing systems with the most modern GUI technologies. We believe it's an evolutionary approach using revolutionary technology.
Our MissionOur mission is to provide both turnkey enterprise solutions and the knowledge transfer services that enable our customers to become self-sufficient with distributed technologies including distributed object, component and message queuing and other message-oriented Middleware technologies.
Our FocusOur focus on customer-oriented enterprise solutions goes hand in hand with our belief that business requirements should dictate the choice of a specific technology implementation. We don't develop our own Middleware products, and we have no bias to push a specific product or technology. Rather, we evaluate business requirements and recommend which distributed computing technologies are appropriate for the problem at hand.

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